The project created a dozen short films with humorous, adventurous and poetic stories. Each film is a source of entertainment and lessons, an outlet for a range of questions and topics for conversation, a source of positive and negative examples.

Educational films for deaf children and students

The films process topics in the field of prevention of socio-pathological phenomena, and promote positive behavior in the form of humorous, adventurous and poetic stories: health care, environmental protection, meaningful use of leisure time, social behavior, the importance of family, the importance of education, financial literacy, prevention of bullying, drug addition, crime and racism, the world of the deaf.



František, My Father

Laura, who is deaf, has a great desire to find her biological father. She embarks on a journey that is full of adventure and a quest for knowledge of things. The story is inspired by true events.


Game of Water

A gang of mischievous children goes on a rescue mission in which they search for the cause of water scarcity in school. A miraculous professor and Indian dress-up game help them get the water back.


Khulan and Khaliun

A true story of Mongolian twins, taking place on the way from Mongolia to the Czech Republic. The bond between the two sisters, Khulan, who is deaf, and Khalium, who can hear, is the only way to survive in the alien environment.


Clown Numbers

The film tells a short story of a group of kids from one class that want to have fun on the carousel. However, the children don't have enough money, and so a loan is inevitable. This has its consequences, for which the children must pay.


Laura and her Family

Laura's family gathers for a family celebration, but none of the family members notice Laura. Laura finds her own game, in which only children rules apply.


The Island

The arrival of a boy with a hearing implant at the boarding school triggers a wave of silent bullying by deaf boys. Does anything change when the root of evil is removed?


Strange World

Lu is a spoiled girl who plays computer games. Pavel is a boy who likes collecting old things. The clash of their worlds causes a change in their understanding of the world and its ecology.


Rules of Etiquette

The manners of adults and children in restaurants are different. What if a deaf grandfather and his hungry granddaughter go to a restaurant? What rules will apply?


Sabina's Shoes

Sabina wants new shoes, but her mom doesn't want to buy them for her. The only option is stealing her friend's shoes, but what will it do to their friendship? Will she be able to atone for everything?


What about drugs?

Deaf children from several schools offer their view of the world of drugs, first and second hand experience with them, and which drugs they do or do not know.


What will I be?

Short interviews with deaf children from four schools for the hearing impaired in Brno, Olomouc, Ostrava, and Valašské Meziříčí about the image of what they want to be.


My Life

Two hearing impaired teenagers. Two similar and different lives. We follow Radka and Zbyněk during everyday life - what they eat, what they do and how they think.